Is There Any Next Comet Visible From Earth 2022?

Have you ever wondered about the next comet visible from Earth in 2022? The next comet visible from Earth is Perihelion, which may appear in late December. However, it is unclear if any other comet will be observable from Earth in 2022. Some astronomers predict that a comet may be visible, but no one can say for sure.

In late December 2022, a comet will come incredibly close to our planet – within just 269 million kilometres of our surface. Named PERIHELION,” this comet is expected to become quite visible in the night sky during late winter. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

First discovered on Oct. 19th, 2016, by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii, PERIHELION was initially classified as a “near-Earth object” (NEO). That changed on Dec. 24th, when astronomers at the Catalina Sky Survey detected a faint dust trail extending from the comet’s nucleus. This indicated that this is already nearing Earth’s orbit – making it a “perihelion comet.

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Recently Passed C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS) Comet

In 2022, The comet C/2021 O3 (PanSTARRS) visited the Earth and the sun from the Oort Clouds. On Jul. 26th 2021, it was first discovered by the Pan-STARRS sky survey. And On Apr. 21st 2022, it came to perihelion from the sun at 42.9 million km (0.287 AU).

By late April 2022, this comet was predicted to attain five apparent magnitudes while being 15° from the sun. But it was dimmer near the perihelion than expected. In April 2019, A diffused glow, having magnitude 9, was observed through Lowell Discovery Telescope at the same place where the comet was supposed to be. This indicates that, during the perihelion, the comet’s nucleus was disintegrated. On May 8th 2022, C/2021 reached a distance of 0.60 AU (90 million km) to Earth. Before visiting the Earth, it payed a visit to the sun. And long story short, the sun’s gravitational force was the reason behind its duller appearance.

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